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Episode® Acoustic Panel 24 in- x 40 in- x 2 in- (Gray)

Episode® Acoustic Panel 24' x 40' x 2' Gray
Episode Acoustic Panels are an acoustic panel solution with a broad range of applications, offering easy installation and spectacular results. Sound waves from speakers reflect and bounce off of every hard surface: walls near/behind speakers, ceiling, floor, furniture. These reflections diminish the audio quality and introduce phase distortions and other side-effects that deteriorate the quality of your listening experience. In some acoustically-hostile rooms it is challenging to tell the difference between a $150 and $1,500 set of speakers. Nobody wants to spend good money for bad sound. Episode panels are engineered to absorb certain frequencies and minimizes the reflecting effect of sound waves. By eliminating undesired reflections, the listener gets more of the intended sound from the speakers and enjoys truer, dramatically improved audio. Panels are suitable for conference rooms, living rooms, home theaters and audio listening rooms. Installation is simple, and the results are dramatic. Made in USA

Multiple Color Options
The Panels come in multiple colors and sizes to accommodate unique room design and layouts and the ability to blend with décor.

Improved System Performance
Sound Absorptive Panels are necessary to improve the sound quality of your system by reducing unwanted echo, sound shadows, absorbing frequencies between 250Hz to 20kHz, reverb reflecting off of hard surfaces.

Episode Speakers

Easy Installation
Our Panels come ready out of the box. Easy as hanging a picture on the wall.

Episode Acoustic

Safe Product
Episode Acoustic Panels are made from polyester which is naturally resistant to fire, moisture, vermin, insects, mold and bacteria, eliminating the need for any chemical additives. Fire rating is Class 1 per ASTM E-84 test standard.

Episode Speakers

Episode Speakers

Episode Speakers

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