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Crown 1,000 watt Amplifier with Custom DSP Settings

Crown 1,000 Watt Amplifier with Custom DSP Settings
All that sound from a single amp? This powerful two-channel Crown® amplifier delivers incredible performance for speaker systems both big and small. Preconfigured DSP settings match the amp to the speakers and offer customizable parameters to match your specific application. The amp supports hybrid 70V/8-ohm systems – and best of all, it’s only 2U, meaning it can fit in a rack and keep the music hot, all while staying cool.

Important Note: This crown amp can supply 400W per channel, with 20% of headroom. Therefore, it cannot power more than six ES-LS-SAT-8-BRN if they are tapped at 60W. If the speakers are tapped at 30W, it's able to power up to thirteen of them.

Watt’s So Powerful?
This professional 1KW (yes, 1000W) Crown amplifier delivers premium performance for even the largest of outdoor speaker systems. And it’s versatile too, with two configurable output channels that support hybrid 70V/8-ohm configurations (2-ohm minimum).

Pre-Programmed EQ and Customizable DSP
Out of the box this amplifier is designed to work specifically with our Episode® Landscape Speakers. It is shipped to your doorstep with EQ settings that are pre-programmed for maximum sound quality. And once it arrives, you can customize the DSP settings using Crown’s System Architect Software, tweaking it to your heart’s content!

Versatile Speaker Outputs
Use both channels at 70V or run one at 70V and the other down to a 2 ohm load – either way, this amplifier is up to the task. It’s perfect for combining our 70V landscape speakers with a standard low impedance subwoofer to create a system that really hits home!

1000W from 2U
All this power is delivered from a compact 2U rack-mount design. Conveniently placed handles make the amp easy to install, while an integrated fan and front-to-back airflow keeps it running cool no matter how long it’s in use.

Want More Bass?
Get increased performance and precision sound by adding an Episode® Landscape Series Burial Subwoofer to your speaker system. Equipped with a beefy 12” woofer, it hits the low notes underground for earthshattering performance. For aboveground sound, the Episode® Landscape Series Hardscape Subwoofer brings the boom. Whether it’s on the lawn or the deck, this powerful 10” sealed sub elevates every outdoor gathering.

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