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Binary™ 300 Series USB 2-0 Cat 5e-6 Extender Balun Kit - 330 ft

Binary™ 300 Series USB 2.0 Cat 5e/6 Extender Balun Kit - 330 ft

When you need to extend a USB signal in commercial environments, there is no better way than with a Binary™ CAT5e/6 balun kit. Perfect for use with any USB 2.0 devices – such as UC webcams or Xbox Kinect – these installer-friendly baluns allow you to use plenum rated cable up to 100M (300 ft.) to reliably extend USB signals over UTP cable through conduit and in ceilings. And with their patented USB technology, they are sure to work seamlessly every time.

Patented USB Technology
When it comes to USB 2.0 technology, there’s only one that does it without drivers or software – ExtremeUSB. These baluns have it and with it, everything works flawlessly.

Game System Approved
These professional grade baluns were specifically designed and tested to work with the Sony Playstation 3, Xbox 360 Kinect, and their controllers. When used with a USB hub, they allow for remote placement of gaming consoles – in a cabinet or closet for instance – to keep living spaces neat and tidy.

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Power Over Cable
With convenient Power Over Cable, you only need to power one balun. Simply plug in one side and your device is instantly supplied with the full 500mA of juice that it needs to get up and running.

Premium Components, Optimum Performance
Engineered utilizing the most premium components, these baluns deliver optimum performance for years to come. Plus, with integrated mounting tabs, you can put ‘em where you need ‘em.